A Priori (Definition)

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 A Priori Definition

“A Priori” knowledge is obtained by analyzing concepts independent of experience. For instance, you could know that 3 and 3 make 6, that all bachelors are unmarried, or that if something is red it has a color, all without experience in the world. It’s not based on actual experience.

Another way we can say that with “A Priori” concept of learning we can come to a conclusion based on a specific idea, situation, or general concept. 

Cons of A Priori in Business

Decisions that are made with continuous use of the A Priori system may lead to un-experimented results that are only based on ideas. Complex decisions should be made with proper examinations.

Example of A Priori in Business

let’s think about a business that wants to create 3 budgets. According to the A Priori concept, the probability should be distributed to all three budgets without any experiment. By this, you will get 33% for each of the budgets.


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