What is an Accountant?

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Accountant definition

What is an Accountant?

An accountant is a person who prepares financial statements and tax returns, sets up accounting processes, and analyzes costs. An accountant’s job is more complex than a bookkeeper so only graduates are called for the position of an accountant.

Types of Accountant

There are the 2 most common types of accountants:
  • Financial Accountant
  • Management Accountant

Financial Accountant

Financial accountants are the person who prepares financial statements and maintains all accounts. They also create monthly or quarterly financials for the stakeholders. Financial accountants are public accountants.

Management Accountant

Management accountant holds a great hand in the company’s responsibility and authority. Management Accountants work for the public and private sectors. The duties of management accountants include creating reports for management, planning, forecasting, risk management, and decision making.

What are the Accountant Certifications?

Accountants are certified under CMA or CPA certification. If they pass the exams they will be professional accountants. CMA-certified accountants are management accountants and CPAs are public accountants. Both have institutional rules and regulations and values that should be followed in the accounting profession.

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